Wish a Happy Diwali to all of you and get the best of festivities and celebrations. Make sure that you have the most fascinating time with your family with the ideal ways of reunions, get togethers, eating sweets and celebrating Diwali happily. Diwali without Faral is incomplete so let us know the recipes for Diwali Faral.

Here is a varied collection of all the traditional kinds of recipes for Diwali and this is one way in which the Diwali festival would get spruced up and makes your festival a memorable one. With thousands of lamps being lit, the Diwali Faral is a must have and a sure hit amongst friends, family and relatives. Let us see how best we could indulge ourselves in the best kinds of faral.

Traditionally Diwali Faral includes Chakli, chivda, Shankar pali, Sev, anarsa and karanji.

Diwali faral

This is one of the typical Maharashtrian sweets and is a must for the Diwali festival. Besan in Hindi means the flour that we get out of chickpea, laddoos are a must in Diwali sweets and these come under the sweet category in Diwali faral.

Chakli is the other Diwali faral which is a hot favourite of everyone in the family. Who wouldn’t remember binging into the chaklis as the grandmothers and aunts in the house prepare them?

Then you have Chivda which is a mixture of puffed flakes and many other ingredients. Sweet, sour and spicy this is a typical Indian delicacy during Diwali. Crispy beaten rice is spiced up with peanuts and a delicious meal is cooked up as a tasty snack.

Then Shankar pali is another sweet that is very rich in carbohydrates and is usually a must have in Diwali Faral. This is a mixture that is made into dough and is cut mechanically into diamond shapes and is usually deep fried in butter.

Lddoos Chakli Chivda Shankarpali

If you feel that you would have a lot of trouble how to make the Diwali Faral then just read on to know how best to deal with making this Diwali Feral. Diwali Faral is all about enjoying the sweets and the savories that we make during the festival. It is a very important part of the festival of lights and indicates a lot of success and prosperity in the family.

Let us know how to make Chakli

Chakli is the most common Diwali FAral so let us have the recipe for Chakli.

  • Half a cup of moong dalHow to make Chakali
  • Half a cup of urad dal
  • Two cups of rice
  • One and a half cup of Chana Dal
  • Handful of coriander seeds
  • 50 grams of cumin seeds

All the dals should be cleaned separately. Wash the rice and putt it on a sieve. Spread the wet rice on a cloth and then let it dry. Make sure you don’t keep this rice under sun. Roast each dal separately on medium heat till the dals turn golden brown. Dry roast the rice now. Roast the cumin seed and the coriander seeds. Let all the roasted items get cool. Mix everything and powder. This is the chakli flour.

To make the battier take

  • A cup of Chakli flourChakali recipe
  • A small teaspoon of hing or asafetida powder
  • A cup of water
  • Two teaspoons of carom seeds
  • A tablespoon of red chilli powder
  • Salt to taste
  • A tablespoon of oil
  • Oil for frying.

Take water in a cup and put carom seeds, asafetida powder, red chilli powder, salt, sesame seeds oil and stir it well. Boil this water. When water boils add this flour and stir it fast. Reduce it and keep the vessel covered for some 10 minutes.

Put this dough on a plate and add a little bit of warm water and keep kneading the dough till it is soft.

Take the chakli press and add the dough in it after the greasing the insides. Press the dough and put it in the frying vessel and let it fall like a chakli.

Drain the chakli and put it on a tissue paper.

Your Diwali Faral is ready.

Let us celebrate this Diwali with the various Faral items. Start with Chakli and enjoy this festival with a lot of fun, prosperity and happiness.

Learn about Diwali Faral and how best to make Chakli the most popular amongst Diwali Faral items.