I had always wanted to visit something different in life. So when my sister called me to visit the city of Gangapur, the abode of Sri Narasimha Saraswati, I just grabbed the opportunity to go to some place that is different so very soon I was on my way from Mussoorie to Karnataka. I halted at Mumbai on the way and saw my cousins and then took the train to Gangapur. From the station I took an auto rickshaw and reached the temple in time for my sister to receive me near the hotel where we were put up. She had come with her husband and some other friend’s families too. The atmosphere was nice, calm and I felt glad I came here. Come to the land of the blessed and feel rejuvenated and fresh. This place is believed to be the place of Sri Narasimha Saraswati Swami. He is believed to be an incarnation of the famous Lord Dattatreya. Located at the confluence of the two rivers Amaraja and Bhima, the waters here are worshipped by all the pilgrims as they take a dip in the holy waters. Gangapur Datta mandir It is said that this is the place where there are koti theerthas. We saw an Aswatha tree which was supposed to be very powerful. As we walked around the Aswatha tree we saw a Narsimha teertha tree. Then there were other such holy trees. Datta mandir is just around half an hours drive from Gangapur city so the journey was not so tiring. We can do many pujas here and it is the devotees who decide which puja to do. There is the pathapuja, Shri Ganpathi Puja, Sri Durga Saptashti, then you

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have the Sridurga Saptashti, the Gurucharitra Saptaah, the Shri Dattatreya Ashtotra, the Rudra Abhishek, the Madhukari Anadaan, the Shri Satydatta Pooja, the Nirguna Padukas Keshalpan, the Bhraman Bhojan, the Danpati Bhojan, the All seva, and other pujas like the Gurcharitra Parayna, the Rudra Abhishek, the Ganesh Abhishek and many other such poojas.

Aswatha tree Ganesh Abhishek

We could have any puja as per our wish only we have to inform the pujari a little in advance to make things easier for him for arranging things. It is believed here that Lord Dattatreya comes every week to take bhiksha. This maybe would have been taken in the literal sense by some here as we saw many taking alms in the name of Lord Dattatreya. Shri Dattatreya is believed to be the universal leader and has helped humanity during this time of Kalyug. This is what his devotees believe. He came to earth to establish truth all over the world. This is what the devotees endorse. It is said that Seer Atri had a son who had the powerful blessings of Brahma Vishnu and Shiva. Atri’s wife Anusuya was believed to be the ultimate example of devotion. He is believed to be the leader of all leaders. Shree Kshetra Gangapur where we were is a very important place thus for all devotees of Dattatreya. As I went round the Madukari process I could see that this place Gangapur lives, eats and breathes Lord Dattatreya. Apparently the lord had said that his presence would always be felt by all and anyone who would have a bath in the confluence of the rivers and gets a darshan of his holy slippers here would have the padukas. These padukas do not have any shape. They are called the Nirguna Padukas.

Lord Dattatreya temple Gangapur Nirguna Padukas

As I walked past with my sister, I could sense how blessed a land we were in, and how people were devoted to their guru. There have been lots of divine things that have happened here. There was so much truth, faith and devotion in the eyes of each devotee I saw, there were people of various types who were here. There was a lady with a mentally retarded child. There were people who had chronic diseases. There were people who were depressed with life. There were people who felt someone was troubling them, people with hallucinations. The list is endless and all of them had come here with one single motive – to feel Lord Dattratreya’s blessings. We went to the Sangam. This was apparently the place where the two rivers met. It reminded me of Prayag. It is believed gthat if we take a dip here, we would be absolved of all sins and our wishes would be fulfilled. The Hindus come here on the Kartheeka Masa, the Makara Sankranti, the Maagha Maasa, and Amavasya days. Sangam Kalleshwar templeThen we saw the Oudumbar tree which was near the sangam. We poured water in this tree which was supposed to be blessed. Then we went to the Kalleshwar temple nearby by a taanga. It is one of the Astha theerthas. It is believed that if we pray h ere our wishes would be fulfilled. We got the dharmadarshan which is a free darshan. After all this, as we returned I felt relieved and happy. There was a kind of lightness within me. This is the beauty of Gangapur.