As I tucked myself into the cozy sheets, I was so filled with nostalgia and memories. Monday blues lingering ahead, this Sunday was one Sunday I never wanted to end. I drifted to sleep and went a fortnight back – no, I wasn’t going into a dream – This was a dream reality. Dream reality? Yes, a real experience that was a dream come true for me. Coming back to drifting back to my dreams, I went back to the paradise I had been to – Kerala. I decided to go to this place by train and not by air as I wanted to feel the greenery grow into me as the train chugged past God’s own country Kerala. Ensconced in the verdant expanse of the Western Ghats, Malappuram was a welcome break for me as I was going to go the most beautiful ayurvedic village. The principle of Ayurveda they say is employed to relax the human body with the principle applications of the five elements earth, water, fire, air and ether along with the effective combination of herbs. I was so enamored by this rule that I really wanted to find what exactly a rejuvenating spa was all about. And I landed in Arya Vaidya Sala Health ResortKottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala Health Resort in the picturesque district of Malappuram. If you want to feel like Alice in Wonderland, then this is the place to be. This wonderland is actually a blessing in disguise for people like me who are perennially high strung with commitments, targets and deadlines. At Kottakkal, you have various kinds of treatments and relaxation techniques to make one feel rejuvenated. I was now left with the choice of deciding which treatment to take. The names were intertwined with alphabets from Malayalam but me being a Malayalee could pronounce them easily. I decided to go for two kinds of treatments – The Pizhichil and the Dhara.


The only time I was lying down and people were peering at me was when I was at the delivery table delivering my kids!! But this time it was different, this time I was lying down on a wooden board and the people around me were squeezing some warm liquid over me. The wooden board was called the Droni by them and the warm fluid was medicated oil. They used small bits of linen and dipped it in the medicated oil and squeezed it over my body. They had a specific height to do this. As the oil oozed into my body and spread all over there were four masseurs whose job was to massage the oil into my body.

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And as they did it, I felt I was drifting into, yes you guessed Alice’s wonderland. Even Alice would have wanted to swap her wonderland for Kottakkal. The oil, the massage, the ambience and the effect it had later removed any kind of arthritic pain that I had. They had asked earlier as to how long I would be able to withstand the massage. I could decide whether I needed it for an hour or more. I had it for an hour. It seems this is done only below the neck. The muscles and the nerves that had gone through undue stress with the projects, presentations, everyday challenges, just relaxed after this linen warm oil and massage combination keyed into my system. The serene ambience of this place and the idyllic surrounding would render one very relaxed and one would just want to surrender completely to this beautiful experience.


And I wanted more!!! Yes, sure enough the next day I trudged along the green expanse feeling the lovely grass in my bare feet, the dews of the early morning wetting my weary feet. How I wish life could be like this in the hustle and bustle of our daily life. The next day I went for a long walk and felt the surrounding seep into my system. Then I thought I would go for a treatment called Dhara.


I have been a person who is a night bird. Counting sheep, reading, mumbling, eye pads, Dharanothing really succeeds in putting me to sleep. So I though why not try this Dhara method which is given to people who are sleepless. I again lied down on a wooden plank and I suddenly felt something warm on my forehead. A Dhara Chatti or an apparatus as you could say was kept at a certain height, and a medicine was being poured on my forehead. The medicine, the height, the rules and the atmosphere was so relaxing and so effective that I was curious to know what the liquid was. They said, depending on the individual they use either, milk or oil or tender coconut waster and sometimes herb extracts. All in all, I had a perfect experience and today Sunday I was snuggling into my sheets after my return. All suitcases unpacked and again I was back into the humdrum of city life but this time with a different tune to sing – A tune more healthy, more rejuvenating, more relaxing. A trip to the rejuvenation spa and retreat – Yes it is on, in my regular yearly schedule. !!