Mumbai the commercial capital of India, with a seat of Bollywood Cinema, shopping malls, Mumbai chaats on streets and beaches, double decker uses and the most important the huge traffic jams. My cousin Dipti was born and brought up in Kolhapur and know she was coming to Mumbai for the first time and so she wanted me to take her to ‘Mumbai Darshan’, now as I live in Mumbai since my birth the word Mumbai darshan is very odd to me, but I had to take her around Mumbai, as it was her request, so I planned to take her to the main destinations of Mumbai, like Siddhivinayak Temple, Haji Ali, Marine Lines, Colaba Causeway, Jehangir Art Gallery, Mount Mary, Juhu Beach, Prince Wales Museum, Linking Road, Gate Way of India there are many on the list but first off all I would like her to visit these places where she can actually feel the glory of Mumbai. It was one week more for Dipti to arrive in Mumbai, so I had applied for a one week’s leave from office. Now I was planning what all things should do after she makes her visit here in Mumbai.

One week passed and I was at CST Station, to receive her, I was meeting her after four long years we hugged each other, asking how you and all are. In sometime we were in car driving towards home, as it was 6 pm in the evening it was full traffic jam, Dipti peeping out from the window and wondering where ate these many cars coming from, to her curious looks at me, I answered don’t worry this is the first thing about Mumbai which I wanted to show you so I got a car to pick you up, she looked at me confused and we both started laughing. Driving through the traffic, listen to loud music and chit chatting we reached home. At home all was waiting for her, mom had prepared her favorite dinner that day, all started talking to her without letting her to get fresh, and she was giving in gift that she brought for everybody. Finally mom realized that she came from a long journey and she should get fresh and relax, thank God atleast mom realized it. Otherwise I was under that impression that if this continues I won’t be able to get my dinner for the day. After having dinner, all went to sleep then I and Dipti was gossiping for the whole night, I didn’t even have the tension of getting up early in the morning as I was on off for one week so we kept continuing our gossip.

We were deciding from where to start up with Mumbai, so as it was Tuesday the next day I thought of taking Dipti to the Siddhivinayak Temple in Parbhadevi, the construction of this temple was done in 19th November 1801, this a very renowned temple of Mumbai having its location at the main traffic area at Prabhadevi. To next day early in the morning we left home at 6 am, as there was no traffic early morning we could reach the temple in half an hour, as it was Tuesday it was very crowded with a huge queue of devotees and now even we joined in the queue after standing for an hour we could go in to get the darshan. After doing all this we came out, the moment I came out of the temple I got a call from Shraddha, to ask me whether where was I as she knew I was on leave to spend time with Dipti today even she was on leave so she decided to accompany us, her house was close to the temple so we went to her place had breakfast, anuty had prepared Pohe for me as she knew I loved it when she made it, after enjoying the wonderful breakfast we ventured out, after Siddhivinayak we were moving towards Haji Ali and Mahalaxmi Temple. These two spots are very famous and visited by most the tourist that visit Mumbai. After moving out of Shraddha’s place we left towards Mahalaxmi to go to the Mahalaxmi temple, this is beautiful temple on the seashore of the Malabar hills, the temple has three shrines in it of Lakshmi, Saraswati and Kali, the main deity here of Goddesses Lakshmi and so the name of the temple is Mahalaxmi, taking darshan in the Mahalaxmi temple we headed towards Haji Ali, this is too a religious and popular spot, it is also considered as a prestigious landmark having its location in the midst of the Arabian Sea off Lala Lajpatrai Marg. Haji Ali Dargah is the complex housing the tomb of the Muslim Saint Pir Haji Ali Shah Bukhari (R.A.), with the tomb you can also find here an Masjid. Visiting all the three religious places on the first day of the Mumbai Darshan was a bit tiring, but enjoyed a lot.

Our first day ended well, now Dipti wanted to do some kind of shopping of accessories go our next destination was Colaba Causeway, at this place you can get antique jewellery which suits probably everyone, the most important thing is that this awesome jewellery is available at reasonable prices only you have to do is just a little bit of bargaining. That we shopped quite good even I took a chance for shopping, after the shopping of accessories, we went to Bandra Linking road, here you can shop everything Dipti and I was enjoying our splurging on shopping that day. After a tiring shopping day out we went back home, mom was shocked seeing our shopping bags but she didn’t say anything as Dipti was enjoying it, thanks to Dipti even I didn’t get any scolding for shopping.

All others days went to places like Jehangir Art Gallery, Mount Mary Church, Prince of Wales Museum, Ajanta Caves and Ellora Caves and many others, then there was a wish from Dipti she wanted to see the Queen’s necklace which she had heard of and wanted to have the Mumbai Chaat, generic levitra canadian healthcare so we went to Marine Lines some evening to see the Queen’s necklace and being in Mumbai for so long years I was seeing it for the first time this was a awesome scene.

For enjoying Mumbai Chaat we all went to Juhu beach, it was fun I made Dipti eat everything that was available there starting from chaat to the mind blowing Gola’s that are available there. She was shouting out in pain, ‘bas abhi I can’t take in more’, but we were all in great fun mood as after a day she was returning back to Kolhapur and we would miss her after such a great funny moments. While going Dipti just said on thing to me after observing everything on Mumbai, it was that “Mumbai Never Sleeps”, and I truly agree to this.


Mumbai the commercial capital of India and the main centre of business, this is a place where you can enjoy anytime whenever you visit here.