South Asia is a hub of sweet food called mithai and it is a mainstay of tours here. Many of the sweets that are prepared have their origins in the ancient kitchen of royal mansions and places and have come a long way from the various parts of the world. The sweets are also prepared in South Asia for deities and offered to gods as a form of worship.

Come to Mumbai and enjoy the delicacies offered by sweets here. Most of the sweets in Mumbai have a milk or cream base or condensed milk and this is then mixed with either wheat or semolina, or coconut with garnishing of almond, cashew, pista etc. The sweets are all royal and classy and have a silver covering over them called the varkha.

Mumbai for the Sweet Toothed Traveller

Maharashtra is very popular for the many sweets that are available here and a sweet toothed traveller would only come here and go back with a sweeter memory. Visit Kailash Parbat in Colaba in Mumbai and enjoy the northern style mithai here. Sri Krishna Sweets tops the list for South Indian sweets in the King’s Circle area of Mumbai and is very popular for the south Indian delicacies.

Most of the sweets are identified by their names . So you have the rasmalai and rasgulla from West Bengal, the ladoo from the south and the northern part of India. the most popular amongst the laddoos is the Tirupati laddoo. Then you have the besan ladoo from Bihar and so on and Mumbai is a hub for all these and more.

Kailash Parbat

Most of Mumbai sweet shops also have the halva, which is a sweet that is made by cooking ghee, sugar, and wheat till it becomes a fluffy gelatinous substance. Coloured in green, red and yellow colours, the halva is an all time favourite of the sweet toothed tourists.

Then of course, you have the jalebi, which is a crunchy coil of deep fried flour in sugar syrup. This is an ancient sweet that has its origins in the north but is a very common sweet in all the sweet shops. It is a popular street food in fact and is served with hot milky tea.

Barfi is another Mumbai sweet and is found all over India, but is famous in Mumbai too. The name is for a sweet that is made either with mawa or condensed milk or it is made out of coconut and mostly out of kaju or cashew nuts.

Doodh peda Dharwad peda

Mumbai is very popular for the doodh peda which is an all time hit with the sweet toothed. It is the Indian variety of fudge and is cooked till the milky sweet melts into your mouth. A pinch of saffron and the peda is ready for your culinary delights. There is a special Dharwad peda, which is a specialty of Karnataka. The there is the satrai peda which is made with jaggery and semolina.

Soan papdi si another lovely sweet here in Mumbai and melts in your mouth as if it were some cotton candy . this sweet with its grass like texture finds its origins in ancient palaces and is a royal sweet given in packets for all occasions.

Jalebi Soan papdi

So for all those sweet toothed travellers who visit Mumbai you have your own set of choices to make. The two sweet shops mentioned above are just one among the millions you find on the road. Set out on a sweet hunt and come back with sweeter delights in travels to Mumbai.