Rainy season is the most beautiful season of all the seasons and personally I love it a lot, enjoying nature in raining season is a cherry on the top. The most charismatic thing that you can have a look at are the waterfalls. That day it was rainy so heavily and we all skipped office unknowingly. It was 9 am I got a call on my cell phone, I was sleeping as I skipped my office, I saw Aksu calling so picked up the phone, rather than saying hello she started shouting, “ why are u sleeping in such wonderful rains? Let’s go out somewhere” suddenly something striked out in my brains and I said should we go to a waterfall, it will be awesome. To this Aksu replied great idea. Then I thought what would only we both do at waterfall, so I asked her, “ hum dono akele waterfall ja kar kya karenge?” she said, “dumbo everyone is on leave like we both”, her everyone means Ellu, Varsha, Mamta, Deepa, Shraddha. After hearing this I said wow yaar too good so now I was all set to enjoy this day to a waterfall in Khopoli called Zenith Waterfall. We decided to meet up at Thane by 10.30 am.

After deciding on everything I got up of my bed got ready in 20 minutes, my mom got the shock of her life that I got ready in so less time but that day it was different excitement was dancing up on my head I wanted to reach Thane as fast as possible and get started on my Journey to Zenith Waterfall. Finally, I reached Thane station on time and all others also were on time except one late comer among others and she is Mamta, whatever may be she will always be late, actually it was our fault in all the excitement we forgot that we should have told Mamta to meet at 10 am so that she would have come by 10.30 am now, neways we had to wait for her. At last we saw at 11.10 am we saw Mamta coming running towards us and saying, “sorry yaar late ho gaya” this is the dialogue that she says every time when she is late and now we are too used to it. Then we actually started off with the journey to Zenith Waterfall. We boarded the train to Khopoli, for another one hour we were in the train waiting for the Khopoli Station to arrive, enjoying the time, laughing, cracking foolish jokes, clicking photos and teasing each other and soon we heard next station Khopoli and now when we were finally reaching the destination our excitement was on pinnacle, we got down on Khopoli station and took a deep breath to enjoy to our fullest. I looked into my watch and thought that we have enough time to enjoy as it was just 1.00 pm. After coming out of the station we inquired from one of the localities’ about how to reach Zenith Waterfall.

Zenith Waterfall is at the distance of half an hour from station and so we had to catch an auto to reach to our destination. We all sat in the auto which was a six sitter auto called “tamtam”, we all were smelling the heavenly smell of the sand that comes in raining season, as we were passing through the village, the atmosphere was awesome with all greenery on both sides.

Finally we reached Zenith Waterfall, and now that I realized that, the rains were for us only so that we could all miss our office and enjoy this wonderful place. The scene was actually wonderful with black colored stones and the water falling off from them was appearing white in color because of the force and the black color of the stones and the cold breeze flowing in with rains were tremendous mind blowing, I have no words to describe the beauty of the place. After few minutes we were all in the water, when we first time got down into water we all started shivering as the water was too cool and imaging the speed of the water was out of question, we had to remove our shoes has the stones inside the water were slippery and because of that there was a possibility of falling in the water though we were enjoying it, we had to take care of such things. Gradually and slowly the coldness of the water was over come by the enjoyment of being together and the rains.

We were all shouting and screaming to our highest voices as the speed of the water was hurting us and trying to take away with it, in all this Ellu started shouting, “catch Shraddha or else she will flow away with the water”, after her this statement we all started laughing and Shraddha was getting red in anger, but seeing us laughing even she joined us in fraction of seconds. Now after getting used to the coldness and speed of the water we all were heading towards the waterfall, where the water can fall right on our head directly from the mountains, and I want to tell you guys it was a mind blowing experience, we couldn’t stand beneath that waterfall for much long time because of the speed in which it was hurting our body, but that 5 minutes were awesome. Having fun we didn’t realize that it was 3.00 pm and we didn’t had lunch, we got out from water went to a hotel had lunch, when we settled down for lunch we realized that our body had started paining, but we were all enjoying it. After having lunch we sat on near the waterfall now we were out of water just putting our leg in the water, clicking photos, laughing and cherishing the movements when we were in water. It was 5.00 pm and we started heading towards home all tired but fresh minds, now when we got into the train all were quiet leaning of each others shoulders and I know somewhere back in minds we all were thinking that how fast was the day ending. In an hour we got down on Thane station, all were happy and feeling fresh for the wonderful time spent. After sometimes, I reached home got fresh and didn’t even knew when did I fell asleep, thinking about Zenith Waterfall.